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"Heather Pettersen's back yard is a landscape of art waiting to happen. Five-gallon paint drums congregate in the shade outside a small studio, and inside the workspace, mounds of donated canvass half-fill a corner room, like straw that will be spun into gold."

Art with Heart, a new nonprofit, gives kids a chance to paint murals


"Heather will relate how she organized the non-profit community art program, which provides weekly creative workshops for clients of local non-profit organizations"

Featured Speaker, Executive Woman's Forum, April 19



"Through art Heather Pettersen heals and is healed"

Bay Family person of the month, January, 2000


"Painter Heather Pettersen is everywhere. She can be found aside downtown Mobile streets caressing paint onto large canvasses or in more private settings teaching art to children and the disadvantaged at their points of respite. She is a on-e woman inspiration machine, both pouring into the stream and dipping cupfulls out when needed."

Mobile Press-Register Arts & Entertainment Current, March 2007